2950-20 Milwaukee Packout Radio and charger
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2950-20 Milwaukee Packout Radio and charger

Product Code: MLW-2950-20


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What can this radio recharge?

In addition to charging your M18 batteries, this radio Packout will also charge your cell phone with its USB plug and protective compartment.

Can we plug it into the wall?

Yes, this radio is suitable for 110V. It is equipped with a 6-foot power cord. So you can use it without a battery when you are in a place where there is power. This jobsite radio will be perfect for your garage or even your home.

Is this Packout radio Bluetooth?

Of course it is. In addition to the Bluetooth connection in a 100ft range, you can plug your cell phone directly into the auxiliary to listen to your music or even listen to AM/FM radio. The Packout radio really offers a full range connectivity.

What’s the sound quality?

The Packout radio was designed to provide the best sound in the industry. This jobsite radio therefore offers a total of 10 speakers placed on 360 degrees so that your experience is not compromised no matter where you are around. There are two types of speakers placed in each corner of this radio. One for all range, the other for high frequencies. These 8 speakers alone are very loud, but it doesn't stop there. At the back are two sub-hoffers: passive and active. It's litterally impossible to be disappointed with the range of this radio.

How heavy can it support?

It can hold up to 250 lbs on top of it. It is very resistant and you won't have to be delicate with this radio. It's impact resistant and very well protected all around with rubber.

Is it waterproof?

It has IP54 protection, which means it is protected against dust and splashes of water from all directions. So if you use the bottle opener installed on your new radio, there's nothing to worry about. However, it should not be soaked so protect it from rain.

Is this radio for me?

If you're not already a fan of Packout products, you'll be charmed by the 360-degree and powerful sound of this radio. If you are already a convinced Packout user, this radio will be added like a charm to your collection. The Packout radio and charger 2950-20 is just perfect

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